How Adding A Conservatory To Your Home Can Add Value

The original concept of the conservatory was to grow and preserve exotic plants in an enclosed, warm environment. A conservatory style referred to as an orangery during the Victorian era, was designed to grow citrus plants in pots.

Conservatories evolved into a greenhouses with potted plants and furnishings designed to bring the outdoors inside most seasons. Delicate ferns and exotic flowers grew in the glass add-ons.

The conservatory added to modern homes can be used as a place to grow plants, a game room or just a place to relax. The extra light adds warmth although heating can be added as necessary. A conservatory will also enhance the design of a home while increasing its value. The extra room increases square meters in a home with an attractive and functional addition.

Conservatory styles

Victorian style conservatory

There are many different styles of conservatories available in various sizes to complement the design of any home. The conservatory is usually added to the south or southwest side of the house to gain more sunlight. It features large glass windows extending to the roof line of the structure.

The windows are usually on three sides of the conservatory to bring in the light. Windows can be designed in different styles. The conservatory can be a simple rectangular structure or it can be a classical curved designed. The latter design complements Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian architecture. It suggests gracious living in a bygone era.

The base of the conservatory can be stone, brick or wood consistent with the building materials of the home. A solid roof of 158mm insulated material will keep the room comfortable even during the winter. A solid roof can be combined with a partial glass or polycarbonate roof as well.

The roof of the conservatory can extend to the roof line of a single level house. A home on two or more levels usually has the conservatory roof placed at the level of the ceiling of the adjacent room on the first floor. The roof line will also depend on the where the conservatory is placed.

A steep gabled conservatory roof may extend above the level of the first floor ceiling to complement the steep pitched roof of the home. A flat roof may be in order for a contemporary house conservatory.

Conservatory placement

A conservatory can be added to the front of a home facing south. A conservatory entry is a pleasant way to greet guests. The room can have hanging baskets of plants, a coat rack and umbrella stand along with furniture. It eliminates the need for a double entry at the front door.

Conservatories  should take advantage of views whenever possible. Special glazing techniques keep out glare for a south or west view. Trench heating or portable space heaters can keep the room warm during the winter.

A conservatory extended from the kitchen makes a perfect dining area. This can also serve as a family or recreation room. Add a jetted tub to a conservatory for a spa or elegant master suite extending from the bedroom.

Add a conservatory and add value

Extending the living area of any home increases its value. The conservatory is an easy addition with windows in place of walls. This gives an extra feeling of open space to the home. It can extend a living room, dining room or serve as a separate garden room.

Polar Home Innovations works with designers and architects to provide insulated roofing for conservatories. Each roof is unique to the design of the home and its addition to guarantee that each conservatory will improve and increase the value of the home.

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