High street designer focus: Ben de Lisi homeware

Designer homeware at high street prices

There are some designers who never fail to disappoint us, and Ben de Lisi is one of them.

His latest homeware collection for Debenhams is packed with delightful designs and quirky pieces. Some of the common themes running through his collection continue to be animals (think dogs), cityscapes and geometrics, but you’ll find a few florals too.

Best of all, you get the designer style at high street prices – you can’t really go wrong, can you?

Here are some of our current favourite Ben de Lisi product picks.

1. Ben does love his dog designs and he’s got them down to a tee. This new aqua canvas cushion features a quirky French bulldog wearing a jumper, with yellow piping around the edge of the cushion. It’s £25.

2. We loved Ben de Lisi’s polar bear bookcase previously, but now there’s a black dog design magazine rack too – fab! It’s only £28.

3. If you love drinking tea of coffee on the go, then it’s way more eco friendly to use a re-usable mug with a silicone lid, rather than disposable cups. The caption on this travel mug – ‘Is it Friday yet?’ – definitely mirrors our thoughts! The porcelain mug is £10.

4. If you love cityscapes, then check out the designer wood cityscape ornament. It’s crafted from wood and has a striking black silhouette design. It’s priced at £18.

5. Ah, the white barcode rug design is fab! There are various sizes available and the numbers down the side of the barcode spell out the word ‘priceless.’ Clever, huh? Prices for the rug start at £170.

6. These porcelain stacking mugs are a great cupboard space provider, as they stack up vertically in their own metal storage rack. The set of four geometric design porcelain mugs costs £22.50.

7. Add this stunning grey ceramic geo bowl to your table. It’s a great decorative accessory and costs £45.

8. We love a good multi frame. This one is nicely designed and orchestrated – there’s space for multiple photos (measuring 5” x 7”), although we love geometrics too, so would be tempted to keep some of those geometric designs in there too. The light wood multiple aperture frame costs £45.


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