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Feeling in need of a motivational boost? Or keen to funk up your decor? Look no further than these fun and stylish light boxes.

Perfect for all fans of using words and signs in home decor, these Lightthink boxes by Seletti are fun and fab. The`boxes each have a perspex panel with a word of statement on it and they’re made of natural wood. They’re powered inside by LED lamps, which provide a warm glow.

But you don’t just get what you see in the picture above.

Each box comes with four interchangeable panels – three with wording already on them, and one left blank so you can create your own unique light box:

* The medium sized Change your mind box comes with ‘love’ and ‘soul food’

* The  large Happynest box has panels with ‘I have a dream’ and ‘light my fire’

* The small Smile box features the words ‘live’ and ‘Paradise.’

We love the idea and concept of these. The interchangeable panels makes them better value for money and being able to create your own wording too is a major bonus.

Heal’s currently have the three sizes of Lightthink boxes in stock. Here they are in all their glory:

Typography light box designs

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