Fresh Design product review: Samsung Motion Sync 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner VU7000

Fresh Design Blog review of the Samsung 2 in 1 motion sync vacuum cleaner

It’s been a few weeks now since we started testing out the Samsung Motion Sync 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, so we’re back to provide you with a more in-depth review of its performance and our experiences.

To recap, the VU7000 motion sync 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is a modern, sleek and well designed cleaner that promises the following key factors:

  • Powerful suction
  • Extra power
  • Dust and allergen filtration
  • Top technology for an easy cleaning experience
  • A detachable handheld vacuum (the 2-in-1 element)

As our previous post outlined, on first impressions, we were particularly interested in its design, upright shape, dust and allergen fighting ability and the technology it offered.

So how did we get on with further testing?

Fresh Design tests the Samsung VU7000 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner

Christmas proved to be quite a good time to test out a vacuum cleaner.

All the celebrations and food and drink, not forgetting the Christmas tree, created mess that needed to be cleaned up – think crumbs, spillages and pine needles, plus lots of people traipsing in and out. So it was ideal to have a cleaning machine at hand ready to tackle the debris.

We put the VU7000 vacuum cleaner through its paces, exploring how it coped with cleaning a variety of different surfaces and debris.

On carpet

Honest review by Fresh Design Blog of the Samsung VU7000 vacuum cleaner

We gave the cleaner a good workout on carpeted floors as well as stairs.

On the carpet setting, the effectiveness of the cleaning function did seem to be a bit variable. Some dirt got picked up well, but other bits of debris seemed to be left behind (e.g. there were various bits of thread from Christmas decorations and gift tags that ended up on the floor and these weren’t picked up properly when they were on carpet).

This was a bit disappointing, but after some experimentation, we discovered that the picking up ability was better if we changed the setting and lowered the brush wheel. This is allegedly designed for hard floors, but did seem to work well on carpets too.

On tiles

The hard floor setting of the vacuum is ideal for cleaning on tiled floors. The machine glides well on the surface and successfully picked up all the dust, dirt and debris.

Round corners

The vacuum cleaner is great at coping with going around corners and getting into awkward spaces.

It’s designed to have a nifty swivel brush and this feature works exceptionally well. It moves with ease and effortlessly swivels around the corners that other vacuum cleaners fail to clean effectively.

On stairs

Samsung handheld vacuum cleaner VU7000

The stairs we tried the vacuum on were carpeted and, as mentioned before, it didn’t seem to pick up all the dirt when it was set on the carpet setting.

The vacuum is heavier than machines we’ve used previously, so this did make a difference too. It’s okay for carting up one flight of stairs, but we wouldn’t want to have to keep lugging it up and down more. This might be a personal thing though.

What was useful though was the smaller detachable handheld cleaner – this was lighter and easier to use on a step-by-step cleaning basis.

On blinds, curtains and behind furniture

The smaller, detachable cleaner has its own built in motor and is a great piece of equipment in its own right. In fact, it proved ideal for cleaning dust off blinds and curtains – areas that hadn’t been cleaned for a while.

It was also useful for getting in behind pieces of furniture, like cupboards and chairs, where you can’t normally get a vacuum. The nozzle is suitably slimline to squeeze around the back of furniture and along skirting boards to clean off the dust. The fact that there were no lengthy cables attached was an extra bonus.

Fresh Design verdict on the Samsung VU7000 vacuum cleaner

Top product features of the Samsung VU7000 vacuum cleaner

Overall, we’re fairly pleased with our experience of trying out Samsung’s VU7000 motion sync 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

The best bit by far is the mini handheld vacuum cleaner – what a fabulous design and great idea. It’s incredibly useful to have it built into the main machine, whilst also being completely detachable, and we can see this being used time and time again.

It worked well on hard floors and tiles, but was a little bit hit and miss with carpets.

We liked the fact that it had a long cable and plenty of room to be able to wind this around the back when not in use and the fact that it’s bagless, which makes emptying the dust out easy to do. Although seeing the dust collecting inside can be a bit of a shock (how much dust?! Where does it keep coming from?) it can actually be quite motivating to see that the work you’re doing is fruitful.

It’s also a good model in terms of height – no more getting an achey back when vacuuming.

It is heavier than vacuum’s we’ve been used to and this doesn’t make it so easy for carrying up and down flights of stairs. If you’re living in a multi-storey house, then it’s definitely worth trying it out in store before you buy to see if the weight of it works for you.

After only a few weeks use, it’s hard to tell if it makes a major difference in terms of allergies, but we’ll be interested to explore this further.

To find out more about the VU7000 and see it in action, take a look at this:

Disclosure: We were sent a VU7000 to review, but all views and opinions are our own.

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