Beat the January blues with Cable and Cotton lights

When your Christmas decorations and other festive accessories come down, it can make your home feel a little bare. Although getting things back to normal and tidying up the Christmas clutter is good, we’re still left with dark winter nights and mornings. If you’re mourning the loss of your sparkly Christmas lights, then here’s another way of adding a bit of cheer to a room, all year round.

The company  Cable & Cotton specialise in handcrafted cotton lights. They’re similar to fairy lights, in that you get a gorgeous array of colourful lights that can add light and a cosy glow into a room. But these are a bit more special.

The lights are handmade in Thailand and each light on the string is contained within a colourful cotton ball. What’s even better is that you can customise your lights to feature the colours you’d like. So they can match your wallpaper, contrast with your sofa or tone with your cushions. Clever, huh?

If you don’t have any definite colour options in mind, or can’t decide what to choose, then they’ve also put together a number of tempting colour options to inspire you. These are some of their top selling colour combinations:

Brighten up a room with Cotton and Candy lights

Cotton Candy – a sweet combination of lilac, lavender, dusty blue, pale grey, sky blue, raspberry red and soft pink.

Marshmallow -  a soft and delicate blend of dusty rose, pale pink, ivory, pebble grey and pure white.

Rainbow Drops – a vibrant and colourful array of violet, turquoise, pure white, anais green and raspberry red.

Contemporary fairy lights by Cotton and Candy

Mojito – a zesty mix of anais green, turquoise, sky blue, oatmeal and pebble grey.

Sea Salt – a fresh mix of pale blue, white, pale grey and charcoal grey.

Cinnamon – the warming tones of dusty rose, prussian blue, royal purple, tan brown and olive green.

The lights are versatile and can be hung vertically, horizontally or draped along a windowsill or mantlepiece. They’ve very effective when lit up, but the colours are equally appealing when the power is off too.

A standard string of  Cable & Cotton lights, featuring 20 glorious orbs of colour, starts at just £22.95, which is great value for money. Longer versions are available too – 35 lights cost £32.95 and 50 lights are available for £42.95.

Give them a try – we suspect they’ll become lights you definitely won’t want to take down!

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