Advantages of Solar Powered Water Features

Fresh Design blog guide to solar power water features

Solar powered water features are a great addition to any garden or yard. There is something very different and unique about these types of garden décor items and they are much more special than other traditional wired features. There are many advantages of solar powered water features and they include affordability, attractiveness and more.

Solar powered water features are powered by solar energy by way of the sun and there are so many different types and styles available; there really is something for everyone.

Adding Light

One of the advantages of solar powered water features is the fact that these fixtures add light to a garden, yard or patio area. Most solar powered water features include LED lights in them so they can be used not just during the day but also in the evening hours when the sun goes down.

Adding light outside your house is also useful as it may help increase the safety of your home. If your garden has a lot of light around, this can serve as a deterrent to criminals who might be looking to gain access to the property.

Increasing Safety

In addition to increasing the overall safety of your garden to prevent criminals from scoping out a residence, another one of the advantages of solar powered water features that have lights in them is that they can help light a walkway on a property in order to create a much more safe area. If there are porch steps or patio steps that might be a danger when it is dark outside, extra lighting that does not require wiring is a simple and easy option.

Creating Ambiance

Create ambience in your garden with a water feature

Solar powered water features also help create ambiance. One of these features in a garden is often enough, or if you have a large space, you might like to have several of them.

Either way these features create a very relaxing, zen-like atmosphere where you can can sit and relax. It is also a pleasant atmosphere to host a gathering of friends or family.

Saving Energy

Solar powered water features are powered by the sun’s rays so there is no need to wire these units and power them with electricity. By using the sun’s rays to power a water feature this saves an incredible amount of money on monthly energy costs.

Not to mention that when utilising solar energy for any purpose, a person’s carbon footprint decreases greatly which helps preserve our planet.

Different Options

Solar powered garden water feature octagon shape


There are so many different solar powered water features available and there is something for just about every different style preference. You can also easily match a water feature to the rest of your outdoor home décor or garden design.

In fact, you can choose from stainless steel, rattan, resin and much more as far as material options go for solar powered water features. The best part is that all of these materials are very strong and durable so there is no need to worry about it being outside in poor weather. A solar powered water feature should be able to withstand the weather year round without becoming damaged or broken.

If you are looking to purchase a solar powered water feature you can do some great shopping online. Outdoor Living UK is a great website that has a huge selection of water features. There is something for every style and preference, so why not consider adding a solar powered water feature to your garden or outside space this year?

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