Samsung Motion Sync 2-in1 vacuum cleaner VU7000 review: First impressions

Fresh Design Blog's first impressions of the Samsung 2 in 1 motion sync vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are just one of the many home technology products that have changed in design and function over the years. In the past they tended to be large, noisy and cumbersome with big dust bags, lengthy piping and various attachments that easily got lost at the back of your cupboard.

Fast forward to 2014 and the design and practicality of vacuum cleaners has come on in leaps and bounds. Whilst the basic premise may be the same, the technology is much improved.

We’ve taken delivery of one of the latest Samsung models – a Motion Sync 2-in-1 VU7000 vacuum cleaner – and are about to unbox it.

Samsung VU7000 2 in 1 motion sync vacuum cleaner unboxing

The VU7000 arrives in a huge box. Thankfully it was not wedged into the box with umpteen pieces of polystyrene. Once the attachments and booklet were removed, along with the cardboard at the top of the box, it was relatively easy to lift the vacuum straight out. A good start!

VU7000 First impressions: Design

Fresh Design Blog review of the Samsung motion sync 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

The design of the VU7000 vacuum cleaner looks very sleek and sophisticated.

Not only do you get one upright cleaner, but you also get a detachable handheld vacuum, which is a major bonus. The design of this looks really impressive – it really is 2-in-1, as the smaller handheld cleaner clips securely onto the top of the main machine.

Due to this extra detachable cleaner, the whole machine is actually quite tall. Being tall, we love this as hopefully it will be much more back friendly than other models.

The sleek and modern design is enhanced by the colours and finishes of the cleaner. It’s predominantly black, brushed silver metal, grey and a deep metallic burgundy red.

The design is bagless, with a see-through cylinder where the dust is collected – both in the main part of the cleaner and in the handheld part.

First impressions: Technology

In terms of technology, the VU7000 promises a lot.

The cleaner features what Samsung calls CycloneForce Multi. In reality, this is a special structure inside the vacuum with nine inner chambers that helps to create a multi cyclonic airflow and provide powerful suction.

It’s got dust and allergen filtration too, which we’re interested in. It not only claims to remove dust and dirt, but also 99.7% of airborne allergens, which sounds encouraging.

In terms of power, it’s got extra power, as it’s got three independent motors. This includes a 470W motor in the detachable handheld vacuum. Plus it has Motion Sync technology, which is designed to aid its movement.

First impressions: Weight

The vacuum is an upright model and has the addition of the detachable handheld vacuum built into it. As such, it’s not lightweight and does seem to be fairly heavy, but we’ll see when we put it through its paces how easy it it to manoeuvre, lift and move around.

So overall, on first impressions it looks like a sleek, modern and innovative design. We’re particularly intrigued by the 2-in-1 aspect and the fact that the mini handheld cleaner is built into the main vacuum – this looks like a very clever design.

Next we’ll be trying out the vacuum cleaner thoroughly and seeing if it lives up to its potential, so check back soon for our next review

***Disclosure: We were sent a Samsung vacuum cleaner to review, but all views and opinions are our own***

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