How to draught proof your sash windows

Sash windows are extremely popular at the moment and have been for many years. However, they might need a little help when it comes to draught proofing them.

To help, here are some options to help you draught proof your sash windows and keep your home nice and warm this winter.

Draught proofing


How to draught proof your sash windows

Many sash window fitters can provide draught fitting as part of your installation or as a separate service; depending on your choice. It is recommended that you do use this service as it is not economical to have windows that are not draught proofed – they will let a large amount of air in making your room extremely cold and reducing energy efficiency.

The draught proofing process involves creating an air tight seal around each frame and window to keep draughts at bay. It has been predicted that draught proofing sash windows can save you around £50 a year due to the decrease in heat you use.

This method can also work as a sash window draught excluder so it is worth considering all your options.

Curtains and blinds


Use blinds to keep draughts out of sash windows

However, if you simply do not want to go down the draught proofing route – you can simply install curtains and blinds. These can stop draughts coming through the window into your room and maintain a good temperature – thick curtains are especially good at this.

Double glazing

Sash window double glazing

Your third option is to install double glazing. If you have an older property, you will find that your sash windows are only single glazed. This is because it was not a legal regulation when your house was built to have double glazing – it is now (on new builds at least).

There are currently two types of double glazing available on the market today – fixed secondary glazing and temporary secondary glazing. Fixed consists of panels that slide over one another and cannot be removed from the window frame at any time whereas the temporary option is exactly that – temporary.

It involves using a plastic film, attached to the window using a magnet. This option can be fitted as a DIY job and as a result is the cheaper alternative.

So, whilst it is recommended to keep your original sash windows – it is a good idea to maintain them as best as you can. As a result, ensuring that they are draught proofed is one of the main pieces of maintenance you will have to do on your sash windows.

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