Create your own home décor with a 1Wall Creative Collage

How to create your own wall collage

Here at Fresh Design it’s no secret that we’re big fans of wallpaper and wall décor ideas, so we were intrigued to discover the 1Wall collection of creative wall collages that can make creating unique decor even easier.

UK-based company 1Wall specialise in creating wall coverings and home décor. They’re well known for their wallpaper and wall murals, but are building up a collection of wall collages too. If you’ve ever felt put off from trying wallpapering by the idea of having to handle a large sheet of paper, then a collage could be a much better option, as the smaller pieces are easy to use

The collages are currently available in four designs – typography, city scene, life and maps – and each come as a set of 64 panels. Each individual panel measures 37.5 by 27.5cm and the set is priced at £59.99.

In the case of the typography collage, it includes not only numbers and letters, but also a selection of symbols too, such as speech marks, brackets, currencies, stars and full stops.

The panels have a bit of an industrial style vibe to them, but in terms of the colour palette and design they’re produced in an aged style, with a variety of font styles and backgrounds. Some of the backgrounds include old letters, newsprints, woven textures, wooden panels, metal and concrete.

The set comes with a packet of paste ready to be mixed up and you’re set to go!

Four ways to use a 1Wall creative collage

There are loads of ways in which you can use this creative collage pack in your home décor.

1. Create a giant random collage

Use all 64 pieces in the pack to create a random design on a wall, alcove or ceiling. Mix up the numbers, letters and symbols, layer them, forget straight lines and create a pattern of your choice.

Typography creative wall collage by 1Wall

2. Create a giant organised wall collage

If you prefer straight lines and a more standard approach, then use the 64 pieces to form an organised collage across your wall. Pick out favourite phrases, words or letters and intersperse them with symbols and numbers.

3. Create motivational wall signs

You don’t have to use all the panels in one project, you can split them up and use them in various different ways. We love the idea of using the panels to spell out motivational words, as it’s a great way of creating your own wall art. Here’s one we created:

1Wall hope wall art collage by Fresh Design Blog

4. Create a wordsearch

Fancy being even more creative? Why not create a wordsearch style feature on your wall. Pick a theme, such as names in your family, favourite places or kids toys and use the panels to create a grid on a wall. It would work well in a family space.

Other ways to use a 1Wall collage

Although the product is aimed at being suitable for walls and ceilings, we don’t see any reason why you couldn’t apply it to other surfaces too.

We love the idea of using a single panel on a door or cupboard door as a means of personalising it – think letters or numbers – or of using multiple panels to create a collage on a piece of furniture, such as a table or wardrobe.

If you’re not able to add décor to your walls, for example if you’re in a rental property, you could stick panels onto canvas blocks or mounts and create art to hang on your wall.

You’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right glue for the surface you’re applying panels too, but it could be a really fun way of creating your own décor and furniture throughout your home. After all, as it’s called a creative collage, you might as well unleash your creativity as much as you can!

The Fresh Design verdict

The 1Wall typography creative collage is a great idea! It’s quick and easy to use, gives you scope to be inventive and think outside the box and offers a truly hands-on-way of creating your own style of home décor.

Still need convincing? Take a look for yourself:

You can also find 1Wall on Twitter @1wall_wallpaper or follow them on Instagram @1wall_murals

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