Light my fire: 10 stylish fireside accessories

With the nights drawing in, it’s time to think about getting ready for the colder weather. Nothing beats cosying up by the fire in the dark evenings, whether your chosen heating method is gas, electric or good old-fashioned logs, so get winter-ready with our pick of the best stylish fireside accessories.

1. ANTXO leather log holder, Midipy Créations

This gorgeous log holder isn’t cheap, but it’s so stylish you’ll want to have it on show all year round. Made entirely of leather and double lined for extra strength, it also includes a felt shelf for newspapers and matches, and comes in a range of colours including camel, chocolate, orange and red. £374, available from Darwin’s Home.

2. Iron log holder, Garden Trading

Cheaper and just as stylish is this simple iron log holder. With a minimalist design to show off the natural beauty of the logs, it’s made from wrought iron which will last for years and provide a focal point on your hearth. £60, available from Naken Interiors.

3. Wicker log basket, Ludlow Stoves

If you like a more traditional look, how about this round wicker log basket? It’s part of a range that also includes deep and cradle log baskets. It’s lined with a removable jute liner to stop bits of bark and dirt littering your carpet, and will look good against any decor. Prices start at £26, available from Ludlow Stoves.

4. Fire bucket, Vincent & Barn

If you fancy adding a little retro kitsch to your fireside, this bright red metal fire bucket is the way to do it. Great for storing smaller pieces of kindling, newspapers and matches, it costs £16 from Vincent & Barn.

5. Fire bucket, Dupere Design

For a slightly different twist on the fire bucket idea, this more expensive version comes complete with a lid to hide your fire-lighting paraphernalia from sight. £29, available from Dupere Designs.

6. Companion set, The Great Gift Company

This sleek, contemporary fireplace companion set comprises a long handled brush, shovel, poker and coal tongs, all made from highly polished nickel. Priced at £250, it’s decorative as well as useful and will look good on your hearth all year round. Available from The Great Gift Company.

7. Devil match strike, Jonathan Adler

This is the devil of a good idea. Made from porcelain bisque, this white devil holds your matches safely out of the way while the whole base of the figurine can be used to strike a light. Priced at £42, it’s available from Amara. Match holders/strikers in other designs are available available in the same range.

8. Angel fireplace matches, Pluto Produktur

This prettily packaged tube of extra long matches is by Swedish brand Pluto Produktur, who specialise in using tradional Swedish themes with a contemporary twist. These matches are practical as well as pretty, as they make lighting fires, barbecues and candles a doddle without risking burnt fingers. £4.99 per tube, available from The Scandinavian Shop.

9. TIRA fireplace set, Midipy Créations

This stylish leather case contains long matches, and there’s plenty of room for you to store fire-lighting newspapers as well. The luggage-tag-style ‘label’ is actually a striking surface, and the holder is made from calfskin that’s been hand cut, assembled and stitched in France. It costs £108 and is available in camel, red or chocolate from Darwin’s Home.

10. Botanicals log fire candle jar, Tesco’s

Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to have our own fireplaces so this candle from the Tesco’s Christmas range is the next best thing for those with a more modest amount of space. In a glass jar with a neat wooden lid, this candle will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort without the mess. £8, available from Tesco.

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