Fresh Design Finds: Penguin inspired homeware and Christmas gift ideas

It’s the time of year when adverts become the talk of the office. But not just any old ads – Christmas adverts!

John Lewis launched their Christmas ad last week, featuring Sam and his best friend, Monty the Penguin. The heart warming ad tells a tale of friendship, love and gift giving. Not surprisingly, John Lewis also have a range of penguin themed gifts and Monty memorabilia available.

We’ve been on the hunt to see what other penguin inspired homeware is available from other shops and designers…..and look what we found!

Fresh design penguin inspired homeware Christmas gift ideas

1. Drink your favourite beverage from these fun Mr Penguin stacking coffee cups – £45 from Jimboart

2. Invest in a designer metallic penguin lamp by Abigail Ahern – £85 (currently on offer for £68) from Debenhams

3. Decorate your home with these gorgeous plywood penguins – £13.99 each from Lindsay Interiors

4. Spruce up the look of a plain cupboard or drawer with this lovable penguin knob – £22.50 from Monty’s Vintage Shop

5. Give someone a special gift, in the form of a personalised penguin love linen cushion (very Monty & Mabel -esque!) – £30 from Tillyanna

6. Hang this colourful Mr Penguin balloon print on your wall – £16.95 from Showler and Showler

7. Enjoy this gorgeous standing penguins mixed media artwork – £80 by Heather Armitages Art

8. Let these two penguin book ends help prop up your books – £32 (currently on offer for £25.60) from Debenhams

9. Have a baby penguin in your home, with this realistic looking baby penguin photographic print cushion – £15 from M&S

In case you’ve not seen it (where have you been?! or want to see it again, here’s the John Lewis Christmas 2014 ad featuring #Montythepenguin


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