Four key bathroom furniture looks

Gone are the days when bathroom furniture was only available in a limited number of styles, shapes and colours. Nowadays, there’s far more choice available, helping you to create a bathroom design that suits you. Here are four key bathroom styles that you can create in your home with the right bathroom furniture.

1. Earthy naturals

Earthy natural bathroom trend

If you’d love your bathroom to become a contemporary oasis of calm, whilst exuding an air of warmth, then perhaps opting for bathroom furniture in shades of earthy naturals might work for you?

Adding subtle shades of natural stone, slate and rock can add a contemporary touch to a bathroom. It’s a good option if you want to add a touch of colour and warmth to the room, but don’t want to go overboard on hue.

The Frontline Vitale range is designed to be sleek and slimline and has a lovely modern feel to it. The stylish furniture is available in earthy natural shades of natural stone and fossil grey, which help create an elegant look.

2. Contemporary sophistication

Contemporary sophistication bathroom decor trend

Recreate the feel of a sophisticated hotel style bathroom at home, using dark wood.

Deep, lush and moody, dark woods work wonderfully well in bathrooms. It’s lovely to incorporate wholly natural materials, but modern veneer finishes look equally impressive.

Used appropriately and combined with contrasting colours, dark wood won’t make a small room look even tinier. For example, pair bathroom furniture made of dark wood with natural stone tiling on the walls or floor. Try the Hudson Reed Horizon in mid sawn oak for a warm, mellow hue and modular functionality.

3. Pure simplicity

Pure simplicity fresh design bathroom decor scheme

For some, nothing beats the pure simplicity of white bathroom furniture. Clean white lines and glossy reflective surfaces help to make a small bathroom feel slightly more spacious.

White is a good colour to choose if you want to create the feel of a minimal spa at home too and, thanks to modern bathroom furniture effectively hiding all the pipework, you’ll end up with clean lines and an uncluttered feel. Options such as Tavistock Aspen fit the bill perfectly.

It’s a good choice too if you don’t have any set ideas about colour schemes, as keeping things simple gives you the option to add colour through décor at a later date. In the meantime, keep it all neutral or add hints of colour through bathroom accessories, such as fluffy bath sheets, hand towels and face cloths.

4. Bold colour

Fresh design top bathroom decor trends

Whilst the 80s favourite, avocado green, has sailed out of bathroom furniture fashion, adding pops of bold contemporary colour is a more modern alternative.

Choosing furniture featuring a bold colour helps take your decorating dilemmas out of the equation. You won’t have to worry about painting your walls as your furniture will provide the colour you crave.

To avoid the colour being overpowering, choose furniture such as Ultra Design Red that features a bold splash of colour on the front, coupled with a glossy white on the sides, providing a balanced look that’s easy on the eye.

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