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Fancy creating your dream house? Become a designer and put your interior decorating ideas to the test, using the free HomeByMe design service.

HomeByMe is a free online 3D design tool that allows you to have a go at interior design and landscaping. You can create your dream home from scratch in 3D, plan out your ideal interiors and think about how you’d create the landscaping outside a property.

How to design your ideal home in 3D for free

Aside from being a fun tool to experiment with, HomeByMe provides many practical functions too. It can sometimes be hard to imagine how a room would look if it’s reconfigured or how your home could be if you had an extension.

There are obviously benefits of having plans properly drawn up by an architect if you’re seriously considering a house extension and having building work done. However, if you’re in the early stages of debating whether or not it could work for you, then using a 3D design tool like this can help you get a clearer picture of what you could do, without the huge expense of having professional plans drawn.

The tool allows you to upload existing plans that you have, create new ones from scratch or even use submitted project designs from other users. You can place and arrange all the internal and external walls, doors, windows, stairs and floors, then decorate your space in the colours and styles of your choice.

A catalogue of products allows you to pick out ideas that might work and see how they’d fit in the rooms you’ve created.

The 3D approach is great, as it allows you a bird’s eye view of how your plans look. Looking down on rooms from above and being able to twist or turn the plan gives a far better perspective than simply gazing at a flat diagram and having to imagine how it would look.

If you don’t have a particular project in mind, then why not be inspired by some of the other users of the tool and re-create houses from your favourite TV shows? For example, take a look at the creation of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment from The Big Bang Theory:

Big Bang Theory TV Sheldon and Leonard's apartment design

Are you feeling inspired to have a go? There’s plenty of help and guidance available to get you started on the HomeByMe website, plus there are loads of useful tutorials and how to tips on the HomeByMe blog.

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