Beautiful ideas for bedrooms

From wild and whacky design ideas to interiors that scream tranquillity, when transforming your bedroom, there are a number of styles to choose from.

Bedroom designs don’t have to mean a complete refurbishment

Colourful bedding ideas from Asda

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Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak here and there to bring your bedroom back to life.

From colourful cushions to vibrant throws and eclectic wall art, small individual items can have as much impact on a room as an entire decoration overhaul.

Planning a bedroom renovation

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Planning a bedroom renovation is both an exciting and daunting procedure. If you’ve decided on a drastic makeover, now may be a good time check your home insurance policy.

If you feel you need a more comprehensive cover, you may wish to talk to a number of insurance providers to get a quote, including the likes of More Than home insurance quotes.

Calm and collected

Crisp and calm bedroom decor

The bedroom should be a haven of relaxation – somewhere you can wind down after a hard day in the office. If you find bright colours and patterns too stimulating, then you benefit from going down the calm and collected route.

Opt for cool, calming colour schemes and relaxing patterns and inject colour through accessories instead.

Choose a timeless style

How to create a calming bedroom

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Unless you’re prepared to redecorate your room every year, it’s wise to choose a timeless style and colour scheme. Anything too bright or too on trend may quickly go out of fashion.

Although overly showy prints look impressive, you may become bored of them after a while. Choose something you’ll hopefully love for a long time, or a scheme that could easily be updated at a later stage with new accessories, such as bedding or cushions.

Choose a theme

Modern and contemporary bedroom decor design

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If the rest of your home is extremely modern, it’s often a good idea to follow suit with your bedroom. This will allow one room to flow to the next.

If you ever decide to sell your house, having décor that runs seamlessly throughout is likely to boost your home’s overall sale potential.

Take inspiration from your travels

Travel inspired bedroom decor

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If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to redecorating your bedroom, take inspiration from your travels. You may have brought back a certain sculpture, piece of jewellery or seen a particular style you admired in a hotel you’ve stayed at.

Use your travels to create your own style interpretation in your bedroom.

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