Transform your radiator with a Radwrap cover: Review

How to cover a radiator with a contemporary radiator cover

At Fresh Design  we are always looking for new and innovative design ideas. So when we were invited to review Radwraps – a new and original way of covering radiators – we were intrigued.

First take a look at the radiator in my daughter’s room. It is a fairly large radiator and doesn’t look too bad, but my daughter, being the arty twelve year old she is, jumped at the chance of brightening it and her room up.

So what are Radwraps?

Basically they are a unique way of covering your radiator, brightening up a room in seconds, with no DIY required. Plus they are easy to keep clean. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt.

James Maddocks and his dad came up with the idea six years ago when, having decorated the living room, they found the radiator to be very bland looking. Having considered a few ideas they came up with the idea of Radwraps– magnetic sheets applied to the front of the radiator, with no glue or screws required.

The design allows heat to travel through the wrap, so you don’t lose any heat from your radiator. In fact, they say that this unique radiator cover system is more efficient than a traditional wooden radiator cover.

Now have a look at the radiator with the radwrap on:

It’s good isn’t it?

I can honestly say that the Radwrap was so easy to install. The instructions state that you should clean the radiator first with a warm damp cloth and then when it is dry, roll the Radwrap on to the radiator. You then do any readjusting you need to and within a minute you have your radwrap installed.

The options on the website are excellent and are grouped into categories. My ten year old liked the Machester United Radwrap so that may yet go on his Christmas list. But you can also create your own radwrap by sending in your own design.

Designs are set out in different categories on the website, and are easy to search. A word of warning though – don’t just give the code when buying. We did this and got sent the wrong one. Play safe and give a brief description as well.

We are happy with the product and with the quality. I have thought before about doing something a bit different with a radiator, but couldn’t be bothered with the time and the effort, both in doing it and in changing it later should you get fed up of the design. With the Radwrap if you fancy a change you just take it off – easy enough. Prices start at £39.99 and, in my opinion, would be a good idea for a Christmas present for older children.

Follow RadWraps on Twitter or check out their Facebook page for more information.

 (Disclosure: A radiator cover was supplied for the purposes of this review, but all views and opinions are those of the reviewer).


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