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Fresh Design Blog review of Love Aroma

If you love candles, then you must take a look at Love Aroma.

The specialist home fragrance retailer has established shops in Derby and Leicester, plus a new store opening soon in Leeds, and has recently launched a brand new website. If it’s candles and related products you’re after, then there’s a veritable feast of items to browse.

In fact, Love Aroma stock over 1200 home fragrance products, sourced from 14 brands around the world. There are old favourites, like Yankee Candle and Ashleigh and Burwood, plus other luxury and couture brands you may yet have to discover, like On a Wick & a Prayer, Lampe Berger Paris and Max Benjamin – quite a choice!

The company is backed by a panel of experts – all of whom are home fragrance experts – and all products stocked have been tried, tested and vetted.

Love Aroma kindly sent a selection of products to review. They arrived beautifully packed and individually wrapped in a hamper-style, packed with shredded paper so you had to delve in and discover what was inside. In fact, as soon as the box was opened, we were met with the scent of fragrance.

Love Aroma home fragrance review by Fresh Design Blog

The items included a White Pomegranate scented candle by Max Benjamin, a Black Plum Blossom Yankee Candle jar and a Lotus Flower and Jasmine reed diffuser by Stoneglow Candles.

Candle and room diffuser goodies from Love Aroma

With both of the candles, I loved the fact that they scented a room beautifully before even being lit. The White Pomegranate, in particular, released a very powerful scent when simply placed in a room. As it’s obviously not practical to leave candles burning unattended, a candle that can help scent a room without being lit is, in my mind, a definite bonus.

Fresh Design blog reviews Max Benjamin candle

I’d not come across Max Benjamin products before, so liked the fact that an informative little leaflet was included inside explaining all the details about the brand. The candles are all handmade in County Wicklow, Ireland and use a blend of 100 per cent natural waxes and lead free Italian cotton wicks. The White Pomegrante candle has an air of luxury and decadence to it and I love the stylish white and silver packaging and holder the candle comes in.

They say the candle, “Infuses fresh pomegranate with exotic rosebud, revealing a heart of lily and gardenia. Casiss and vanilla add warmth and sensuality to this romantic and relaxing aroma.”

It certainly is a very fresh and floral scent. I did find it quite strong at first, but then it begins to mellow out and you get the warmth of the undernotes coming through. It’s a lovely scent to add an aroma in your home – perfect for a living room.

Love Aroma Yankee Candle review by Fresh Design Blog

The Black Plum Blossom Yankee Candle is a gorgeous deep purple in colour and the jar format made it ideal for leaving the lid off so the scent could linger before it was lit. This scent is described as, “The deliciously enticing nectar of beautiful black plum blossoms with hints of white musk and vanilla.” The fruity floral scent was evocative of summer and gentle enough to scent the room, without it feeling overpowering.

Review of Love Aroma reed diffusers by Fresh Design Blog

The Stoneglow reed diffuser was a bit of a revelation in terms of scent. The fragrance itself, Lotus Flower and Jasmine, produced a fresh and pleasing scent. Their description sums it up well,  “Fragrant lotus flowers and aromatic jasmine entwined with background notes of crisp, green leaves, soft vanilla, ylang and musk.”

I’ve been using some other reed diffusers recently and had been disappointed about the level of fragrance produced – although they seemed good at first, they quickly wore off and even topping up the fragrance and reeds didn’t seem to have much effect.

So I was very pleasantly surprised with the Stoneglow, which seems much more effective and long-lasting. I’ve come to the conclusion that in this case it definitely is worth paying a bit more for something that will do the job consistently and effectively. Reed diffusers have a lot of uses around the home, especially when you’re not able to burn candles. I love them used in a bathroom or to add a welcoming scent into your hallway.

Overall, I was really impressed with the both the products and service from Love Aroma. It’s definitely a go-to site for all your home fragrance needs and a great source of present ideas.

***Disclaimer: Love Aroma supplied the products for review, but all views and opinions are our own.***

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