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Fresh Design Blog reviews Wovenhill willow storage baskets

Where does clutter come from? As often as we tidy up, it seems to re-accumulate, so we’re always on the lookout for stylish and practical home storage options that could help us combat clutter.

Pair of willow storage baskets from Wovenhill

This set of two large storage baskets are from Wovenhill. The baskets are made of willow and they’re strong and sturdy. In fact, they were a lot sturdier than expected and had bags of space inside. Measuring 35.5cm (W) 35.5cm (D) and 32.5cm (H) each of the baskets provides plenty of room to store a variety of items inside, without things billowing out over the sides.

The handles allow the baskets to be easily moved around (assuming they’re not too heavy with contents inside, of course!) and the woven effect of the willow on the sides of the baskets is a pleasing design.

The baskets fulfil a lot of storage needs across a home and have a heaps of potential.

Stylish storage for children's rooms

For example, they’re a brilliant size and shape to use for tidying up items and getting a child’s room organised. As you can see, just one basket can hold a lot of children’s books, and you could use the other one to store toys in.

They’re a great size for storing magazines and newspapers in too, and are stylish enough to look at home in a contemporary living room. Or you could put them to good use for storing craft materials in, or use them in a spare room to keep a stash of towels and bedding  in ready for any guests that stay overnight.

The pair of willow storage baskets is available to buy from Wovenhill for £32, which seems good value for money given their strong construction and design. As well as the natural shade, they’re also available in grey or white.

If you prefer to hide your clutter as much as possible, then they also stock a range of home storage solutions with lids, that will keep the contents out of sight. These includes lidded boxes, hampers, drawers and trunks made from a variety of woven materials, including rattan and wicker.

(Disclaimer: Wovenhill supplied the baskets for review, but all views and opinions are our own).

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