Baking accessories: YolkFish egg separator by Peleg Design

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You know that feeling when you come across a kitchen or baking accessory that you can’t believe you’ve lived without? Meet the YolkFish.

The YolkFish is a cleverly designed gadget that helps you separate egg yolks from the white in an instant. No mess, no flecks of yolk left behind in the whites and no more unwanted bits of shell in eggs.

Designed by the folks from Peleg Design, the YolkFish uses the power of suction to quickly and effectively suck up all the egg yolk, leaving the white behind. For those of you who are fond of making meringues, for example, you’ll know only too well how even the tiniest speck of yolk can ruin a meringue mixture.

It’s a great idea and an essential kitchen accessory for bakers. What’s more, at only £8.95 this is one kitchen gadget you won’t regret buying.

Here’s the YolkFish in action, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use:

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