Product review: The new Samsung WW9000 Ecobubble touchscreen washing machine

For a while now, my washing machine has been on its last…er…cogs. Odd subterranean noises during the spin cycle and a tendency to tango into the middle of the room on a high speed spin  were starting to alarm me, and it was time to look around for a replacement.

Enter the Samsung WW9000 ecobubble touchscreen washing machine, possibly the sleekest, most high tech washing machine I’ve ever seen. If astronauts ever needed something to get the lunar dust out of their spacesuits, this is the machine they’d want installing in the space station.

Touch screen technology mean that all unnecessary knobs and buttons have been removed, leaving a neat control panel and a nice clean design. With a whopping 10kg capacity and capable of running a full cycle in less than an hour, it’s ideal for families or anyone with a busy life, and you can even control it from your Smartphone.

 Technical specification:

Energy efficiency class A+++ (-50%)

  • Annual energy consumption: 119kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 11500L
  • Spin efficiency A
  • Noise level (wash) 46dB
  • Noise level (spin) 72dB
  • Maximum spin speed 1600rpm

Samsung WW9000 washing machine


The Samsung WW9000 control panel

Despite its space-age functionality, the WW9000 fits well into my traditional, painted kitchen as the design is so neat. The door and drum are larger than usual, but otherwise the machine has a clean, unfussy frontage and isn’t intrusive.

First impressions

My first thought was that the WW9000 was pretty complicated with its wide range of wash cycles – but I soon realised it’s actually been designed for people like me, who aren’t exactly domestic goddesses.

The secret is to leave the programme set to ‘auto optimal wash’. Once you’ve done that, the WW9000 will automatically weigh and assess your washing (yes, really!) and wash it accordingly. Although there’s a wide range of specialist washes, such as ‘sports’ and ‘wool’, that means I only have  to think about it if I’m doing something out of the ordinary.

The Samsung WW9000 intelligently sorts your laundry

If you can use a computer, Smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to use this machine with ease as it’s very intuitive.

Bits I loved

  • When it’s finished a load, the WW9000 plays a happy little tune to alert you to the fact of a job well done, which was oddly satisfying. 
  • The internal drum light seems like a gimmick at first, but is actually great for making sure you haven’t left any orphan socks behind.
  • Its large capacity, meaning fewer loads to get the job done. 
  • The noise – or rather, almost complete lack of it. With my previous washing machine, it was hard to have a conversation with someone in the same room if the spin cycle was on. With the WW9000, you have to stick your ear right against the drum before you can tell it’s running.

The Samsung WW9000, WW10H9600 retails at £1,700. For more information, to order or to find stockists, please visit the Samsung website.

By Sara Walker


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