Book review: Modern Country interiors by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Modern Country interiors book reviewed by Fresh Design Blog

If you love the idea of country living and embracing rural traditions and are keen to adapt it into a more modern style, then there’s a new book out today that could be the perfect read for you!

Modern Country: Inspiring interiors for contemporary country living is written by Caroline Clifton-Mogg and published by Jacquie Small. It explores elements of country living, and ways in which the essence of this interior style can be effectively brought into modern homes.

The book is split into four sections. The first looks at different types of country locations, such as rural areas, coastal and mountain retreats. Next up is a look at different architectural styles, including grand country homes, property renovations and other buildings.

There are distinctive materials associated with country homes and properties, so part three looks at materials and finishes, such as wood, stone, brick, plaster and metal. The final section explores country living and looks at different rooms in the home and how they can reflect the country style in a modern way.

The book as a whole is interesting and it’s lavishly illustrated with inspiring images, including photographs from the archives of the exclusive Côté Maison French magazines.

However, it’s the final two sections (Materials and Finishes and Country Living) that offered the most appeal and relevancy to me (the others seemed somewhat more aspirational – great for coffee table browsing, though!). The materials and finishes section, for example, offered plenty of ideas to consider when adding country style to a contemporary home and I loved the range and scope of materials included.

Modern Country book review by Fresh Design Blog

When it comes to adding country style to your home, it helps to have some achievable inspiration, and that’s certainly what shone through in the final section of the book. It’s packed with inspiring photos and ideas that could easily be applied to your home – even if you live nowhere remotely near the country. I love the colour palettes and room ideas, from bedrooms and bathrooms, to outdoor space and kitchens, and the fact that there are small elements you could take inspiration from.

It emphasises the fact that country living doesn’t have to involve a grand country home – you can create your interpretation of country wherever you live, and in as modern a way as you like.

Overall, it’s a well written and very nicely produced hardback book, full to the brim with images and ideas to inspire in the creation of your own modern country home style.

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