Ice lolly inspiration: Home ideas featuring ice lollies

Home accessories inspired by ice lolly designs

The theme of the day – ice lollies!

It’s definitely the time of year to be enjoying an ice lolly or two and what better way to share your love of lollies, past and present, by incorporating the designs in your home.

The products we’ve found that feature ice lollies all seem to be brimming with colour and a sense of energy. They can add a bit of zing and life into your decor, helping you feel uplifted throughout the year (and, er, maybe a tad hungry too….).

We love the Wall’s classics lollies design tin, which features many of our old favourites – Funny Feet, Feast, Mini Milks and Rockets, mmm! The rectangular tin is an ideal size for use as a biscuit or cake tin and will give you plenty of ice lolly goodness to reminisce about.

Improve the chore of ironing by conjuring up ideas of an ice lolly (and maybe treat yourself to one when you’ve conquered your ironing pile?). The ice lolly ironing board cover is available in several sizes, so it can fit multiple ironing boards. It’s currently in the sale at John Lewis, making it a particularly good buy.

It’s the colours of ice lollies that can be so appealing and the ice lolly print is sure to add a splash of colour to your wall. It’s made in Britain and available from Striped Paint Design.

In fact, if a Fab lolly is your ultimate favourite, then Joss and Mainhave a fab cushion that may tickle your fancy. The bright and lively retro design cushion, by Martin Wiscombe, features a lolly that looks good enough to eat. What a shame they’re not still 5p each today. Bring back old time pricing, we say!

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