Funky contemporary coat hooks for your home

Funky coat hook ideas from Fresh Design Blog

Why stick with plain hooks when you could have a funky one? Liven up your home with some of these fresh design contemporary hooks and hang your coat in style!

1. Squiggle metal cook rack, by The Metal House.

2. Mantosaure coat rack by Thomas de Lussac, available in red, orange, white or black from Bouf.

3. Giant peg hook. A lovely oversized clothes peg hook, available in a range of colours. Great for use in a hall or child’s room. Available from Net Deco.

4. Hang on to yourself coat pegs, designed by Genevieve Gauckler. A set of three is available from Made In Design.

5. Goldilocks and the tree bears coat hooks, by Heather Alstead Design. The set comes with three bear design hooks, plus a yellow G hook, and they’re available in matte off white or matte black.

6. Dart design coat hooks by Anthony Crisp for Suck UK. Made from polished steel and available from Red Candy.

7. Handjob hooks are available in eight designs based on message communications – thumbs up, point, shake, rock on, peace, OK, up yours and wave. They’re by Thelermont Hupton and can be bought from Clippings.

8. Pix hooks, 3D pixel design, by Thelermont Hupton, available on Bouf.

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