Fresh Design wallpaper: 4 coral pink and neutral designs by MissPrint

Four fresh wallpaper designs by MissPrint

It’s no secret that we’re rather fond of the work of UK-based wallcoverings, fabrics and home furnishings company, MissPrint.

They produce a wonderful range of contemporary designs in a variety of colour palettes and we’ve featured several of their designs before. But if you’re drawn to soft pinks, corals and neutrals, here are four wallpaper designs that could work for you.

1. Poppy wallpaper in blush

2. Ditto wallpaper in cocktail and champagne

3. Little Trees wallpaper in copperslip and fuschia

4. Denver wallpaper in blossom

These wallpapers are all in stock at John Lewis, but other retailers carrying MissPrint products include Heal’s, Wallpaper Direct and Liberty.

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