Fresh Design ideas: Polar bear ice cube tray

Perfect ice cube maker

We’ve brought you some fun ice cube trays recently, but here’s one that looks good on the outside and serves a practical purpose on the inside too.

This nifty ice cube tray is designed in the shape of a polar bear. Unlike a lot of traditional design ice cube trays, this one is sealed. You place the water inside, seal it up and you won’t end up with an ice cube tray that sticks to the bottom of your freezer. Neither will you lose any water en route or find that your ice cubes have picked up the flavour of other items in your freezer.

When it comes to getting the ice cubes out, you can give the polar bear a bit of a whack, loosening the cubes inside, then pop off his nose and out they’ll pour. Voila, easy, convenient and perfect ice cubes!

The polar bear ice cube tray is £9.95 at Prezzybox.

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