Fresh Design ideas: Magnetic blackboard wallpaper

How to create a magnetic blackboard wall

Looking for an alternative to blackboard paint? This amazing wallpaper has blackboard abilities too and it’s even magnetic….what a great idea!

The magnetic chalkboard wallpaper is a useful alternative to blackboard paint, especially as it won’t require several layers of paint to get your desired effect. Instead, simply choose the size of paper you’d like, apply it to your wall and, voila, you’ll have a functioning magnetic chalkboard feature.

The vinyl wallpaper contains iron particles, and its these that enable it to have its magic-like magnetic ability. You can pop notes on and position them with magnets, or write on it with chalks, then wipe it off. It’s available to buy in three roll sizes (127cm x 100cm, 127cm x 265cm and 63.5cm x 265cm) and you can easily cut it down for smaller projects.

Use it to create a feature wall in your kitchen or study, or get creative and cover furniture or small boards with it to create your own home accessories.

Whatever home projects you’d like to try, the magnetic blackboard wallpaper is available to buy from Sisters Guild.

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