Up, up and away: Balloon lights, home accessories and decor

Balloon lights home accessories decor ideas from Fresh Design Blog

Bring the childhood magic of having a balloon into your home with these delightful balloon themed home accessories and decor.

From cushions and china, to hot air balloon coasters and wall stickers, there are some great ideas available for your home featuring balloon designs.

We love the balloon ceiling and wall lights in particular, as they’re very realistic – great for adult and children’s rooms alike. If your budget won’t quite run to that, then snap up a glass balloon to use as a decorative accessory instead, they are well priced at only £8 each.

Top row:

Balloon design cushion, £32 from Sew Sew

Memory balloon ceiling light, £154, from John Moncrieff

Middle row:

Glass balloon, £8 from Henry’s Future

Bristol hot air balloon coasters (set of four), £12.99 from Emmeline Simpson

Memory balloon wall light, £154 from John Moncrieff

Bottom row:

Hot air balloon stickers, £19.50 from Oakdene Designs

Girl with a hot air balloon bone china plates, £48 from Eleanor Stuart

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