Towel-tastic: Fluffy bathroom towel sale bargains

Toweltastic half price bathroom towels rounded up by Fresh Design

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in the comfort of a soft, fluffy towel. Although most bathroom towels start out life as being soft, after frequent use and turns through the washing machine, the softness you loved so much at the beginning can wane and fade.

With the sales in full flow, now’s the time to freshen up your bathroom and get that comforting feeling back by investing in some new towels at bargain prices.

Here’s our selection of towel-tastic buys!

1. Sheridan Mariel towels, from £11

2. Christy Evelyn deep sea towels, from £6

3. Christy Georgia navy spotty towels, from £6

4. Anorak kissing robins bathroom towels, from  £2.50

5. Scion Mr Fox towels, from £10.50

6. Matthew Williamson Butterfly Home range silver peacock print towels, from £8

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