House design collage frame and storage from Next

Decorative accessories for your home

It’s been a while since I had a browse of the Next home department, and clearly I’ve been missing a treat. This house design collage frame immediately caught my eye and it looks like a great way of displaying photos, in amidst a few motivational messages.

The wooden frame has space to hold five photos of varying sizes, plus there’s a tiny shelf suitable for treasures or trinkets. It’s £45 and very nicely made.

Of course, I couldn’t help but then discover the coordinating house storage accessory. This piece is made from cardboard rather than wood, but it’s an attractive design and would work well used on a desk or to store small craft related items in (like threads, ribbons, scissors or buttons). It’s an affordable buy at only £16.

All other home accessories shown above are from the Next range too and can effectively be mixed and matched to create your own display. They’re all priced at £35 or under.

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