Combat your clutter: Crafty home storage solutions

One way of creating a streamlined look in your home is to have minimal clutter. But when your rooms are small or you’re short on space, this isn’t always easy to achieve. In order to ensure you have a place for everything, it helps to get creative with storage and think of ways in which you can get your clutter out of sight!

Living room storage ideas

Hide your clutter in a coffee table with drawers

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Living room clutter typically involves teetering piles of DVDs, children’s toys, books, magazines or newspapers. It may not seem like your living room without these items being there, but tidying them up neatly can make all the difference.

If you’re short on space, opt for a coffee table with storage built into it. This could be in the form of drawers or shelves underneath. For the streamlined look, try and avoid a glass topped coffee table with shelves underneath it though, as any clutter will be instantly seen!

A stylish ottoman or pouffe with hidden storage space inside can be a great place for hiding away all your kid’s toys. It can also help you transform the space from play area in the day, to adult relaxation zone in the evening.

Bedroom storage ideas

Choose a divan style bed with drawers for smart bedroom storage

Bedrooms can easily get overlooked when you’re thinking about storage – we often tend to focus first on the rooms downstairs that more people tend to see – but in reality they can be a great place to store unwanted clutter. The art is to think carefully about how you’re going to store things and try and hide as much as possible, yet still ensure it’s accessible.

Stuffing things under the bed only leads to chaos and untidiness, but Divan style beds, with drawers built into the base, are ideal for this purpose. The drawers are roomy and functional and, depending on the size of the bed you have, can offer multiple storage space. Often the drawers themselves are hidden when the bed is made, so no-one need know they’re there.

A blanket box is also useful in a bedroom, especially for storing spare bed linen, bulky winter jumpers or towels. It can double up as a useful seat and you can make it comfier by adding a few cushions.

Hall and entranceway storage

How to organise and tidy your hall

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If your hall is narrow, or you’ve only got a small entranceway through your front door, this area can easily become congested. Piles of shoes, umbrellas and coats aren’t attractive and don’t make the best first impression to visitors, not least when you have to squeeze carefully past them.

To tidy up your hall, think about ways in which you could organise your clutter more effectively. Invest in a wall mounted coat rack to hang coats on and a shoe storage cupboard or small rack to organise your shoes. If you’ve got room, you could also consider a freestanding coat rack.

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