Quirky kitchen accessories by Alessi

Modern kitchen accessories by Alessi

Alessi are renowned for their quirky designs and novel pieces. If you like fun designs that are a bit different to the norm – products that stand out and get noticed – then the chances are you’ll like these.

The Ship Shape butter dishes are, as their name suggests, designed in the shape of a sail boat. To ensure you always have a butter knife on hand, there’s one built into the lid, creating a funnel on the top of the boat. Red Candy have the butter dishes available for £17 each.

Funky Alessi kitchen roll holder design


Give your kitchen roll the Alessi treatment, with this fun bunny and carrot design holder. The paper towel goes over the carrot and the bunny rotates to hold the loose end of kitchen towel in place until you next want to use it.

Funky modern egg cup and spoon


Bring a cheer to your face when you have a boiled egg, with the Cico egg cup and spoon. Plus….

Baking cooking kitchen timer duck


….ensure your eggs are boiled to perfection, just the way you like them, with this novelty duck design kitchen timer.

If you buy direct from Alessi and spend over £50 and you can currently get 10% off.

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