Nifty and distinctive home shelving ideas from Loaf

Unusual, quirky and with a rustic – and sometimes verging on industrial – feel, these nifty home shelving options from Loaf have caught our eye…

Crate style home storage shelf

King Crate Mate is a larger version of their already popular Crate Mate shelves. Designed for laid back living, this piece incorporates a selection of crate style shelves and storage alcoves, all stacked together in a seemingly haphazard way.

Compact desk for a small room

If you’re short on space and can’t fit a standalone desk in your room, then Birdie to the rescue. This cute little wire and wood wall mounted shelf cleverly incorporates a drop down desk with a bit of shelving. It’s wonderfully compact and rustic-meets-industrial in style. Perfect for a studio flat, where space is at a premium.

Steel and reclaimed wood shelves

Another neat shelving option is the Carriage shelf. This no-fuss design is effective and compelling. The shelf is hand carved from reclaimed fir, which provides a unique grain and colour tint on each piece. It’s finished with a sturdy steel frame in a matt black finish.

For more shelving or home furniture ideas, we recommend a browse at Loaf.



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