Quirky desk accessories you never knew you needed!

Liven up your desk with fun accessories

If you’re less than inspired by your desk at work, then why not liven it up with a quirky desk accessory or two?

All of these accessories have some kind of practical purpose, be it holding paperclips, scissors, tape or staples, but each have their own quirky characteristics too.

They’re not only useful for these purposes, but they could be good if you’re prone to a spot of procrastination too. You could have a brief pause or coffee break to build a staple city, sharpen your pencils or reorganise your paperclips…all a tad better than being found browsing eBay or checking for updates on Facebook.

Top row:

Bunny in the field paperclip holder, £16.50 from Bonnie andBell

Tetris desk tidy set, £14.99 from Find Me a Gift

Bianca the hippo memo holder, £10.95 from Luckies


Middle row:

Rocky the desk butler, £10.99 from IWOOT

Koziol Edward scissors, £15 from Red Candy

The last log pencil sharpener, £16.50 from Bonnie andBell


Bottom row:

Staple city, £12.99 from Mocha

Rainbow highlighters, £6.99 from Mocha

Qualy desk bunny tape dispenser, £18.99 from Mollie & Fred

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