Pack up a picnic: Tropicana picnicware

Bold and colour picnic essentials

The sun’s out, the heat is up, it’s time to pack up a picnic and head off out into the great outdoors!

The Tropicana picnicware range from John Lewis is oozing with vitality and perfect to take on a day out in the country or at the beach.

All the pieces are well priced and you can mix and match with items you already own. The family sized coolbag is £20, but a smaller personal one is just £9.

The stackable tiffin boxes are great for ensuring food stays in its desired compartment, without getting mixed up or jolted around. The four level tiffin box is £20.

Other items include – cutlery, £10, two tone beakers £3.50, plates and bowls £4.50, 4 stacking wine glasses £8, tumblers £2.

For more ideas on essential picnicware, including blankets, flasks and hampers, check out our ideas for Perfect Picnics on eBay.

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