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When summer arrives and the sun comes out, many of us find our thoughts turning to sprucing up our homes for the new season. To help you make the transition from a snuggly winter sanctuary to a sunny summery space, read on for hints and tips on how to liven up your home for summer.

Introduce a new theme

Depending on whether you intend to renovate your home completely or just give it a little makeover, one of the quickest ways to brighten up your home is by introducing a new theme. Creating a bohemian beach hut retreat or an exotic jungle paradise is easier than it looks, as illustrated by these great home painting ideas. Simply pick a few key accessories such as a sofa covered with a fun fabric or a luxuriously textured rug and coordinate it with a bright and beautiful painted feature wall.

Declutter and rearrange

Move away from cosy, chaotic winter interiors by decluttering your home. Get rid of old, unwanted or broken items including clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac to create a feeling of space in your home. Creating more space also enables more light to enter your windows, keeping your house looking fresh. To capitalise further on newfound space, rearrange your furniture and add some brightly coloured accent accessories such as scatter cushions to keep the design feeling contemporary.

Keep it natural

To get away from that workaday grind and tap back in to that summer holiday vibe, add lots of natural fabrics to your space. Something as simple as investing in 100% cotton high thread count sheets for the bathroom can add a much needed sense of luxury, sensuality and relaxation to tired domestic routines.You can also lift the feel of your home by swapping carpet for light wooden or tiled flooring. This will bounce the light in summer and can be easily made cosy for winter by adding rugs and throws. Adding sheer curtains or blinds to a room will also help boost the amount of natural light in any the domestic space.

Say it with flowers

As well as throwing open patio doors to view the green spaces of your garden, filling your home with brightly coloured fresh flowers in interesting vases is a cost effective way to get that summery feel. Remember that pale tones contrasted against bright accent colours work brilliantly to refresh tired interiors.

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