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We recently received a copy of the new catalogue from Loaf and have loved browsing all their products. Loaf excel in producing comfortable, stylish products that are very live-able – they’re designs that you’ll want in your home and can see lasting and enjoying for years to come.

There are lots of products featuring natural colours, as well as natural materials such as wood and on trend materials such as wire or metal.

Loaf sell products for your whole house, from the sitting room and bedroom, to study, bathroom and hallway. We’re particularly fond of their furniture designs and their sofa ranges are divine. There’s a great choice of styles and shapes, with the sofas all looking suitably cosy and comfy to relax on. Plus, we love all the names – Souffle, Flopster, Pavlova, Crumpet, Cloud and Bagsie to name a few.

The Pavilion Chaise sofa looks gorgeous in peacock brushed cotton, and there’s plenty of room to stretch out your legs vertically in the corner:

Peacock turquoise blue sofa

Natural oak wood is used to perfection in the Billy kitchen table. We like the fact that it’s extendable too, so you’ve got space for extras if you need it.

Oak wood extendable dining table

Although we’ve been familiar with Loaf’s furniture for a while, we somehow hadn’t realised they cell ceramics too. It’s a good discovery and the Floris range in particular, which we’ve tried out, is lovely. The earthenware pottery is handmade in Portugal and given a distinctive look with an embossed lace print detail.

Modern simplicity ceramics

It’s great to inject colour into your decor, such as with the peacock sofa above. But we also appreciate the ability to keep colours simple. Used carefully for example, white, grey and hints of black can be soft, elegant and calming. We’ve been exploring ways of decorating in pure white and shades of silver and grey in some of our recent eBay Collections, so the pieces below fit well with our ideas.

Decorate your home in monochrome

Hand blown glass and wire wrapped Cluck lamp, £125; Carved white Freya bed, from £645; White metal tiffin storage boxes, £65; Metal Nestor side tables, £295; Wibbly cushion, £50

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