Heat your home the smart way with Honeywell evohome

How to save money on your heating bills


If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could arrive home to a toasty warm house on a freezing cold day, when you’ve forgotten to set any heating to automatically come on, perhaps evohome could be the answer.

Produced by Honeywell, evohome is an intelligent heating system that makes full use of modern technology. It’s very flexible, in that you can set up to different heating zones and choose the rooms you want to heat. This can help cut down on heating bills, as you won’t unnecessarily be providing heat to rooms where you don’t need it.

There are up to 12 different zones that can be programmed and they can consist of several rooms or areas of your home. Not all areas of the zone have to be the same temperature. For example, you could set it to heat all the bedrooms but have your bedroom warmer than your child’s room, or have a small amount of heat in the kitchen and make it warmer in the living room. Similarly, your hot water can be controlled in fine detail too, so in theory you’ll never run out when you need it.

What’s even cleverer, and helps set evohome apart from a bog standard heating system, is that you can set and control your heating and water both at home from the evohome controller and when you’re out and about via a special smartphone app. So if you do wish you’d put your heating on before rushing off to work, you can quickly and easily sort it out before you get home.

It might seem like a strange time of year to be thinking about home heating, when the weather outside is hotting up and you’re trying to find ways to cool down. But now is a good time to tackle boiler and heating issues, so that come autumn and winter when you’re shivering again, you know yours is working in the best way possible.

Although it’s an investment, if used effectively, evohome could help you save money in the long-run, especially as you won’t be wasting heat on rooms that aren’t being used.

If you’re interested in finding out more about evohome, and the items of kit that you need to get the best out of the system in your home, find out more by reading their system planning tool. Or check out the video below:

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