Create your own garden deck chair

Choose your own deck chair fabric design

Well, sort of…

You don’t get to design the frame of your perfect deck chair, but you can choose the fabric sling design.

This nifty idea has been specially launched as one of the products to mark the John Lewis 150th anniversary. The wooden deck chair frame costs £40 and there are a range of fabric slings that you can buy separately for £15 each (except for the MissPrint design, which is £25).

Here are the options:

Choose your own fabric deck chair sling

Top row: Birds sling; Miss Print Little Trees (4 colour options); Boats

Middle row: Lowey bird design; 1950s fashion deck chair sling;

Bottom row: Coastal deck chair sling; Maison stripe; Birds outline.

Or if nothing takes your fancy, you could find fabric elsewhere to make your own perfect garden deckchair design.

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