Spring cleaning: The bedroom

In the second in our series on spring cleaning (if you missed our top tips on cleaning the kitchen, you can catch it here), we’re venturing cautiously into the bedroom, armed with dusters and determination.

The bed

Start by stripping the bed, and washing the bed linen according to manufacturer’s instructions. Vacuum the mattress, then ask someone to help you turn it over. If there are any stains or discoloured areas on the mattress, spray with a mild upholstery cleaner, then sponge with warm water with a drop of washing up liquid added. This will also help remove any dust mites.

If there’s room, ask someone to help you pull the bed out, and vacuum underneath it. If your headboard is wood, clean it with a little furniture polish sprayed onto a duster (don’t spray directly onto the headboard, as the liquid may run down and destroy all your hard work by staining the mattress!). Clean a padded or fabric headboard by vacuuming on a low power. Wait until the cleaned areas are completely dry before making the bed back up.


Next, tackle the storage areas. Take everything out of drawers and off shelves, and wipe the insides of the drawers with a cloth dipped in warm water and a tiny drop of washing up liquid then squeezed dry. Allow to dry. Consider investing in some drawer organisers, which are brilliant for sorting socks, scarves, jewellery and underwear so that you can actually find them!

Line drawers with scented drawer liners, or left over wrapping paper or wall paper, and add lavender bags, a couple of bars of perfumed soap or scent sachets. This is also a great opportunity to sort through everything as you put it back, and only replace when you need. 


Take everything out of the wardrobe and vacuum the inside before wiping it down with a damp cloth as before. Sort through clothes and put anything that needs washing, dry cleaning, mending or binning on one side before replacing what’s left. Add a couple of scent sachets or cedarwood rings, which are great for deterring moths.

Old furniture

If you have vintage or antique furniture in your bedroom, it may have taken on a musty smell over the years which can transfer itself to the clothes or belongings stored in it. To get rid of this, take everything out of the cupboard or drawers and put it somewhere else temporarily.

Fill a small plastic lidded pot with white wine vinegar and carefully punch some holes in the lid. Leave it in the furniture overnight, then wipe or polish the shelves and cupboards before returning the contents. If this doesn’t do the trick, wipe the interior of the furniture with a cloth soaked in a dilute white wine vinegar mixture then wipe again with plain water.

To help you get started, here are a few cleaning products we love:

Carpet beater, Hunter Gatherer

Fantastic for beating the dirt out of bedroom rugs, you can also use this traditional carpet beater for dry-clean-only curtains. It’s also fantastic for airing pillows and duvets, just pin them on the washing line and let all your inner frustrations take over! Just £12.50, available from Hunter Gatherer.

Lavender hearts, Karenza & Co

These pretty lavender-filled hearts are embroidered with fresh Spring flowers, and are perfect for hanging in wardrobes, tucking in drawers or hanging from door handles to scent the room. £9.50 each, available from Karenza & Co.

Lavender linen water, L:A Bruket

This gorgeous lavender linen water will make your bedroom smell fresh and summery. Use to spray clothes when ironing, or spray a little onto bedlinen for a relaxing fragrence. £15.95 for a litre, complete with spray bottle. Available from nook.

Limeleaf and ginger candle, Prey

This organic candle is ethically produced, and burns with a light, uplifting fragrance guaranteed to banish any linger staleness from your bedroom. Priced at £25, available from Prey.


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