How to add colour to a wall using wall accents

How to use wall accents in your interior design decor

We all know that a fresh lick of colourful paint or a new wallpaper design can transform the walls in your home, but if it’s not possible to decorate a room, for example if you’re in rented accommodation, how can you spruce up your walls?

One way is to focus on using wall accents. Accents can help add colour, interest and focus to a wall, but without requiring major amounts of DIY or expense to achieve.

For example, the metal feathers (top left) are actually coat hooks, but make a really funky wall decoration. Use them individually, or grouped together, as hooks or simply for aesthetic pleasure. They’re £9.95 from The Little Boys Room.

We love wall stickers and if you want to create visual impact on a wall, then a design like the space invaders wall sticker set (middle) certainly does the trick. You can arrange them how you wish and eyes will definitely get drawn to that wall! They’re £24.99 from Bouf.

Use a wall vase, such as the dot wall vases (top right), to create a 3D effect on a wall. As well as being decorative, you can also add a flower stem or two, giving an extra creative element. They’re £20 from Deservedly-So.

Another wall sticker favourite is the Big Little Ben working clock wall sticker (bottom left). This wall decal stands out from others as it’s also a functioning wall clock, so you get more for your money. The bright colours all work well against plain white or natural walls and the stickers are easy to apply (and should also be easy to remove). They’re £85 from Funky Little Darlings.

You can never go wrong with hanging pictures on a wall. For an on trend, colourful geometric design, check out the honeycomb design giclee print (bottom right), £21 from Violet May.

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