Fresh Design ideas: Give your fridge a makeover

Transform your fridge with vinyl refridgerator covers

Are you fed up with the look of your fridge?

If you’d love a change in colour or design, or are bored with having a plain white or silver fridge, it’s time to give your fridge a makeover!

The clever chaps at Vinyl Revolution have produced a range of funky fridge wrap vinyl covers that can be used to perk up your fridge in style.

Choose from patterns or rainbow stripes, elegant artwork, patriotic flags or parody options, such as an oversized ketchup bottle, Marmite jar or Gordon’s gin.

If you’re a fan of Dr Who, you can even transform your fridge into a tardis. If you love all things British and traditional, then how about a traditional British red telephone box in your kitchen?

Different sizes of the fridge wraps are available. You can choose to apply them yourself or, for a more professional finish, they will come and apply them for you.

Vinyl refridgerator covers:

Dr Who tardis fridge cover – £99.99

Union Jack fridge cover – £99.99

Rainbow stripe  - £99.99

British telephone box – - £99.99

Claude Monet refridgerator cover – £39.99

Dots and swirls fridge cover – £39.99

Hokusai vinyl cover – £39.99

Aztec design – £39.99

Mondrian style – £99.99

Marmite parody cover – £99.99

Gordon’s gin cover – £99.99

Ketchup bottle parody cover  - £99.99

These are just a few of the many options – check out the rest at Vinyl Revolution.


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