Screen it off: Three useful room divider screens

Screens and room dividers are one of those great inventions that can help hide clutter and create space in an instant.

If your home is open-plan, or you’re in a studio flat, and have to live with your living space melding into your kitchen, dining area or bedroom, then a screen can be useful item to have to divide the space. You can use it permanently to separate and define different areas, or use it occasionally on an ad hoc basis.

Screens are great for hiding messy corners and clutter, for example if you’ve not got enough storage space. Plus, with many lovely designs available, a screen can act as a decorative piece or form of artwork in its own right.

If you’re considering investing in a room divider screen, then here are three screens on the market.

Ikea Risor room divider

Wooden room divider screen

This large solid wood black and white room divider is a good buy at £80 and will have plenty of uses. It’s designed by Julia Treutiger for Ikea and can easily be folded down for storage when not in use.

Beach Hut canvas screen

Contemporary room screen

Be reminded of warmer days by the sea, and enjoy a pleasant view in your home, with this beach hut design screen. The photographic image is painted on canvas, and the screen can be folded up when not in use. It’s available from Furniture in Fashion.

Arthouse Lunar metal screen

Metal room divider screen

This Arthouse lunar metal screen isn’t the best option if it’s clutter you want to hide, due to its cutwork metal effect. But if you’re choosing a screen on the basis of elegance and design, or want to ensure that a screen doesn’t darken your room too much, then this is where it shines. The three panel metal screen is £150 from Wallpaper Direct.

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