Fresh Design idea: Rainmaker plant watering cloud

Recycle plaster bottles into plant watering cans

Following on from the cork bottle stopper lights that we featured last week, here’s another nifty design idea we’ve spotted.

The rainmaker plant watering cloud transforms an ordinary empty plastic drinks bottle into a useful watering can.  It was created by Peleg Design and simply screws onto the top of the bottle, like a lid.

How to water houseplants

We’ve used similar bottle watering devices before, to drip feed plants in the garden (the watering device sits in the soil and slowly releases drips of water), but this idea is great for watering houseplants and potted plants. The design of the cloud means that you get a good sprinkling of water, like you would from a watering can, and for novelty factor, it looks like it’s raining!

At only £5.99 from Mocha, this is a brilliant buy – and loads more fun than simply buying a watering can.

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