Fresh Design idea: Cork bottle stopper light

How to make a bottle light

Forget the old style empty Mateus wine bottles made into lamps (hands up who knows anyone who had one?)….here’s a novel idea for a quick and easy way of transforming glass bottles into  lamps.

There’s no major diy involved with this – all you need to do is buy these cork bottle stopper lights. Charge them up via a USB cable, pop them in your desired bottle and, voila, you have a light!

The lights will last for approximately 2.5 hours, then can simply be recharged again. You can use them with any bottle, from empty wine and spirit bottles, to decorative or coloured glass bottles.

If you’re having a party and want to create atmospheric lighting, these bottle stopper lights would be much safer to use than candles stuck in bottles. If you don’t want them to all run out at the same time, you could stagger turning them on, so the effect lasts longer into the evening.

They’d also be great for using at barbecues on summer evenings, or when having late night drinks outside. The options are endless.

A pack of three rechargeable cork wine bottle stopper lights costs £13 from Hunter Gatherer.


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