New Zoology design wallpaper from Turner Pocock Cazalet

Animal design wallpaper decor

Love animals? How about decorating your walls with this graphic animal print wallpaper?

It’s newly launched and printed by Turner Pocock Cazalet in a limited edition nebulous colourway. The Zoology design was first produced by Duro back in 1974 and designed by the architect Claes Kock.

Animal theme graphic wallcovering

In a doodle style, it features a brilliant range of animals, all cosied up and artistically arranged so they’re almost hugging each other. There are lions and bears, penguins and monkey’s, kangaroos, owls and elephants, plus many more. We promise you you’ll have fun spotting them!

Non gender specific wallpaper

The subtle colour is suitable for decorating children’s rooms, and it’s great as it’s non-gender specific. However, it’s a really fun and quirky design and we think it would be wrong to just confine it to children’s rooms!

The Zoology wallpaper is available from Turner Pocock Cazalet.

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