Animal magic: Photographic animal design cushions

M&S cat dog rabbit elephant cushion

A friend keeps sending me links to these cushions, trying to tempt me into buying the cat and kitten ones. On closer inspection, there turns out to be a whole range of animal designs and aren’t they lovely?

The photographic design approach is a bit different and adds depth and realism to the cushions. It’s like having photos displayed on your sofa, rather than on a wall.

All of the cushions are available from M&S, plus they’re reasonably priced. The question is, which would you choose? Or would you opt for a whole menagerie?

Top row:

Freddie Jack Russell cushion, £19.50

Printed bunny cushion, £12

Velvet sheep print cushion, £25

Middle row:

Photographic sleeping kittens cushion, £15

Sidney tabby cat cushion, £12

Sheep scene cushion, £12

Bottom row:

Velvet printed tiger cushion, £12

Printed duckling cushion, £12

Elephant print cushion, £19.50

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