Topo limited edition doodle effect wallpaper

Contemporary home wallpaper

Doesn’t this wallpaper look like a giant doodled design?

It looks like it’s been created with pen and ink and has so many tiny details and different patterns included in it. The Topo wallpaper is a limited edition print by Spanish designer Ana Montiel.

Colouring in for grown ups

If you fancy more colour on it, then there’s scope to colour it in (although with the price it is, we’d be worried in case it went wrong!).

The wallpaper is available in three colours – azul blue, gold leaf and chocolate. We’re personally not to keen on the gold leaf (the design doesn’t stand out enough), but the chocolate works well:

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

From this angle, it almost looks like there’s a bird flying around somewhere in the design.

The special Topo wallpapers are available from Wall-Library.


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