New Year … new storage! 14 great home tips to welcome in 2014

It’s that time of year again, when a New Year approaches and all our thoughts are focused on celebrating the winter festivities before thinking of ways we can improve over the coming twelve months.


Why not use this New Year as a time to update and improve your home? Storage is perhaps the one thing we all seem to lack so why not follow these 14 great storage tips to welcome in 2014?

1. Use space

Don’t restrict your storage options to tried-and-tested methods like shelves or cabinets. Use all available space to create interesting features – such as wall mounted hammocks for soft toys in the kids’ rooms.

2. Colour co-ordinate

Storage serves more than just a practical purpose so colour co-ordinate it to match the style of your room. You can also colour code boxes and shelving units to help you organise your possessions.

3. Think big

Less is more … but sometimes it isn’t. If you need storage, and lots of it, then think big. A great option is incorporated storage in furniture. A great firm offering this is Nabrutheir large corner sofas with optional storage are well worth a look.

4. Make it a feature

Make your storage unit a feature of the room so you can add one less superfluous feature to the room.

5. Shape shift

Remember that storage units come in all shapes and sizes so choose something that goes with your room. Opt for made-to-measure units for awkwardly shaped rooms.

6. Size appropriate

Choose a storage unit of a suitable size for the room at hand. Too large and your room will look cluttered and awkward. Too small and you’ll still have a storage problem.

7. Clear clutter

Cut down the need for storage by making it a New Year’s resolution to rid your home of clutter. Start with Christmas decorations that have seen better days!

8. Go mobile

Make your storage more convenient by opting for mobile solutions that can be re-positioned at will.

9. Think long term

Don’t tie yourself into the latest fad with your storage, stick with classic options that will serve the test of time so you don’t have to constantly update or buy again.

10. Define areas

Use screens, partitions and large storage units to separate the space in your home and define areas. This will give each part of the room a purpose and help you stay organised.

11. Wall of storage

Give a room more storage than you can shake a stick at by transforming a whole wall into a giant storage unit; striking and practical.

12. Convert barren spaces

Have a loft, shed or garage that is standing empty? Make it the new home for some of your worldly goods by renovating and adding storage units.

13. Display it

Instead of hiding your possessions away, display them for all to see. Photo collages or borders work well in bedrooms but you could also create artwork out of old tickets and mementos or use display cabinets to show off other trinkets.

14. Vacuum pack

When it’s time to retire thick winter clothing for another year, hold in vacuum sealed packs which keep everything compact without affecting the condition of the clothes. Store under beds, on top of wardrobes or anywhere else out of sight.

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