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The kitchen is the most popular room in the house, it’s where the household congregates to cook, eat their meals whilst pondering over the day’s events, it’s used for entertaining and socialising. But if your kitchen is starting to look a bit dull and drab it can make it an unfriendly environment.

The good news is that even a few small changes and alterations can change the whole feel and look of your kitchen. So it’s time to revamp your kitchen and bring it back to life again with a splash of colour! Whether it’s adding a lick of paint to the walls or a glass splashback, we have the answers for a fab kitchen and the best thing is – it won’t cost you a fortune.


First things first, if the cupboards are looking a bit drab and dirty it can make the whole kitchen look a bit grim. Give them a good scrub down, it’s amazing how a quick clean can brighten them up instantly and make them look as good as new. If you have some spare paint, why not add a lick of paint over a wooden cupboard to give it a fresh look or add a splash of colour?


Are the walls looking a bit dull and faded? Give them a refresh, adding a lick of paint to the walls is amazing for brightening up the kitchen to make it a happy place again. If you got the time and the funds, be spontaneous and change the colour – it will make your kitchen look like it’s has had a total revamp. Feature walls are very in style at the moment, so why not add a variation or a brighter version of the dominating colour to make your kitchen really stand out.


Worn curtains can make your kitchen look very dated and restrict the sun light. So remove the old curtains from the window, as this will instantly brighten up the room making it appear more spacious. If you want something to block the sunlight, why not invest in some wooden blinds or a patterned roller blind. They’ll help your kitchen look fresh and bright and can coordinate with your interior design scheme.


Remove unnecessary items from your work tops…do you really need that pile of junk mail and newspapers on the counter? No? Find storage for them. De-cluttering your kitchen will make it appear much cleaner and more spacious. It might be time to think about getting a newspaper rack on the wall or clearing a drawer for all your spices so  they’re not sat on the work top. It will also give you a lot more work surface to work with when you’re cooking in your new kitchen.


Bring your kitchen up to date again with some bright accessories, it doesn’t have to be garish, just a splash. Why not try a coloured butter dish, salt and pepper grinder, or a table cloth and some funky fridge magnets. Adding some colour will make you dated kitchen look very 21st century. If you’re feeling a bit spontaneous then why not add a coloured glass splashback from Lux Glass or some bright chairs to give you kitchen that fab retro look and bring your kitchen back to life.

***The guest post was written by Emily Lockey on behalf of LuxGlass, specialists in glass splashbacks & glass worktops. ***

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