Winter Warmer – How Stoves Create the Perfect Ambiance

Modern and contemporary home stoves

‘The weather outside is frightful…’

This is definitely ringing true as the coats, scarves and gloves have escaped the dusty under stairs closet and are being brushed off ready to brave the external chill. Fortunately, the comfort of your home should invite cosy slippers and hot mugs of cocoa rather than the bitter air, but somehow, the presence of a simple radiator doesn’t create the atmosphere that is so often seen on Christmas cards.

Stoves are perfect for any type of décor or fire surround and offer a focal point of the room that many other types of fireplaces don’t. Easy to maintain, light and clean, there are many advantages to choosing this type of fireplace and not just for the gorgeous glow they give out on a cold, winter’s eve.

‘But the fire is so delightful…’

Winter home heating ideas

Stoves and open fires are the perfect accompaniment to any home. With a roaring fire visible to all, there is no better way to make a feature of a room and there are so many different styles to suit your property, from traditional black iron fronts with brass handles to retro fronted stoves which would look perfect in a city home.

If you’ve never before considered an open stove, then now is the perfect time to look. With so many suppliers, they’ll be able to help you choose what size, style and colour would be most appropriate so you won’t be left on your own to decide.

Furthermore, the amount of choice available these days makes this home necessity suitable for any property and any room. By choosing the right supplier, you can find a stove that represents your style, needs and of course budget!

‘So, if you’ve got no place to go…’

Best contemporary stove fireplaces

Why spend money on expensive meals out? The affects that a stove can create make it perfect for a romantic night in with a home-cooked dinner and a bottle of wine, or for creating a welcoming atmosphere when entertaining guests.

Although popular among many homes, there are still many people who haven’t seen the full affect a real fire can have, and the relaxation it can create. Although lighting the fire is done so with such ease, the effect it provides looks like a real effort has been made – impressing all those who walk through the door.

‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.’

Keep your home warm in winter

With the weather turning and more time being spent in the home, there is no better place to be than in front of an open fire in the warm. Until you’ve had the opportunity to feel the heat within your bones, wrapped up watching a good old fashioned film, you may have never experienced total relaxation – the only thing to make this any better is being surrounded by the ones you love.

Let us know what you think makes a stove fire more special at this time of year, or whether you are currently considering this for your home and why.

***This guest post was written by Jenny Pilley of Clifton Fireplaces; the number one supplier of stunning stoves and fireplaces to suit both modern and more traditionally designed homes.***

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