Outdoor contemporary twig style Christmas trees

Snowy paper prelit xmas tree

Over the last few years we’ve been loving the contemporary twig style Christmas trees that have been available. They’re sleek, stylish and more minimal than a traditional bushy fir tree and a good option for contemporary and modern homes.

Lots of the twig Christmas trees are designed to be used indoors only, but if you fancy having this style of tree in your garden, on your patio or lighting up the entrance to your home, there are some lovely outdoor versions available too.

They’re a good alternative if you can’t bear to not have a traditional tree indoors, but love the style of these. Get the best of both worlds by having one of these outside your home! Being artificial they also have the bonus of longevity and should last longer than one season (assuming they aren’t subject to bad weather!).

Here’s a selection of some of the best outdoor Christmas twig trees currently available (updated October 2015).

White outdoor pre-lit paper birch tree

Contemporary pre-lit outdoor white twig christmas tree

Opt for a tree that looks like it’s naturally been sprinkled with a dusting of snow or frost, with a lovely range of pre-lit paper birch trees. The 8ft tree is £125, the 6ft birch tree is £80 and the 4ft version costs £50 (Note: it’s good to see some things don’t change, as these prices remain the same for 2015).

Pre-lit snowy twig Christmas tree

Large minimalist contemporary twig outdoor Christmas tree

This snowy white twig Christmas tree from John Lewis offers a pared back, minimalist look. The metal base helps provide sturdy support and it’s suitable for use indoors or out. The tree is available in several different sizes, with the 8ft tree boasting 480 lights and costing £150. The 6ft version costs £80, whilst the 4ft size will set you back £50.

Pre-lit coloured Christmas blossom tree

Best contemporary twig Christmas trees Contemporary twig xmas blossom tree

If you’d like an outdoor twig tree to emit a bit of colour, then the blossom Christmas tree is available in pink and blue. The pink evokes feelings of spring blossom, whilst the blue looks suitably icy for a winter wonderland.

The 7ft trees each have 600 LED lights and are reduced from £150 to £105 each.

Stylish 5ft outdoor lit tree

Stylish contemporary outdoor twig style Christmas tree with lights

Add some style to the outside of your home with this natural-looking outdoor twig tree. Produced in the characteristic twig style, the tree measures 5ft and comes complete with lights. It’s £75 from M&S.

Pre lit outdoor blossom twig tree

Outdoor Christmas twig tree light decorations

Very have an outdoor pre-lit blossom twig tree available. It’s got 200 white LED lights on its leaf-free branches and it measures 1.5m in height. This tree was £59, but is currently reduced to £47.

Five reasons to buy a contemporary twig Christmas tree

If you’re still debating whether or not to buy an outdoor twig Christmas tree, then here are five reasons why they can be a good buy.

1. Multifunction

Although these trees are designed for outdoor use, there’s no reason why you can’t use them inside sometimes too. So you get better value for money than decorations that are bulky and only suitable for using outside.

2. Design

A lot of the twig trees are beautifully designed with a lovely natural look to them, so they blend in well with your outside space.

3. Ease of use

If you want to add some form of seasonal lighting to your garden, but hate having to faff around with hanging lights or other decorations, then a pre-lit tree is an easy option. Just put it together, plug it in and, voila, there’s a lovely lit tree in your garden.

4. Alternative

The twig style Christmas trees are a nice alternative to a traditional, green fir tree style xmas tree. If you’re looking for a contemporary or modern option, then this form of tree fits the bill.

5. Year round use

The blossom style trees look so good that you could easily use them all year round at home or at special events. For example, as a garden lighting feature at a barbecue, or to help decorate a wedding or party venue.


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